24x7 believe in maintaing 100% transparency with our clients, in every campaign that we undertake. Transparency is crucial in maintaining trust and a sense of perspective. We provide various reports to the clients on daily and weekly basis.

Daily Call Reports

We provide daily call reports to maintain the transparency and it help to summarize daily and monthly call activity as well as detail the actual calls made.

Campaign Performance Reports

This report helps to efficiently evaluate the performance of the campaign undertaken by a company. It gives us all the information regarding the campaign from the beginning till the end.

Voice Recording Reports

Voice recordings are increasingly seen as an essential call centre technology; providing an invaluable quality monitoring, agent evaluation and training tool, as well as a record of conversations for use in the case of customer disputes.

Agent / Team Performance Reports

These reports also help you in pinpointing the assets and the liability factors for the company. They also tell you; who all are contributing positively for the company and who all are not


Training is a crucial factor in development of an organization. We utilize our years of experience in training functions to help companies derive maximum output from the employed manpower.

The benefits of training are rarely tangible in short term but manifest themselves over a period of time. Though infrastructure, equipment, finances and materials are among the vital resources required for the growth of a business, but it is the human capital which is the most important, that makes training a crucial factor for any business to grow. Our company's training program includes:-

Operations Management

24x7 Solutions Providers have the dynamics to handle campaigns ranging from simple to complex. We have teams specializing in each industry. Over the years we have executed campaigns in almost every sector.

Since last year we have developed our people, processes and systems to deliver superior results for our clients. We offer fully integrated solutions that can be scaled in accordance to our client capacity.

We cover all aspects related to operations part with great efficiency and effectiveness. We include substantial measurement and analysis of all are processes.

The other functional areas under this head includes:-


24x7 Solutions Provider delivery center in India is fully equipped with cutting edge hardware and software, self-generated power facilities, and secure back-up / recovery capabilities.

• 24x7 Solutions Provider deploys state-of-the-art IP Base voice and data equipment that rides on a strategic, scalable platform. The infrastructure is built on standards-based, compliance equipment provided by industry leaders.

• 24x7 Solutions Provider has a total of 4-8 Mbps of telecom connectivity.

• 24x7 Solutions Provider complements its capacity planning by ensuring several qualities of service variables for various channels such as voice, data, chat, e-mail etc. Due to the capabilities of its technology infrastructure, 24x7 Solutions Provider is able to seamlessly grow in a manner transparent to the end customers we service on behalf of our clients.

We Believe In

  • "Look beyond the skies ,improve the way you work"

  • "We strive for results through utmost dedication"

  • "Think beyond and improve the way you work"

  • "Know the right think,share what you know"

  • "Do the right thing ,take the right actions"

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